Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Power of One Challenge - Week 1 Day 7

Today was very exhausting, emotionally that is.  I went to my Uncle's Memorial Ceremony today.  I've been to quite a few funerals and memorial services in my life, though most were either Grandparents or people I didn't really now that well and never have I cried or weeped.  I had not cry or weep since I heard the news of my Uncle.  Though I haven't seen him in probably five years, I do have some memories of him that I recall very memorable.

My uncle was a free spirit person.  He went where the wind took him.  This is why, a lot of us wouldn't know where he'd be at times.  A while back he wanted to go to California, and he did.  This man didn't not have any financial support, but whatever got him to point A to point B it did.  After a short time he came back to Vermont.  Then another time he got up and joined the circus, no fooling you, he did, probably about a year or two.  Then around the holidays, he'd show up at my other Uncles house and spend time with the family that day.  He may stay around for awhile or just pack up and go somewhere else, we never knew.  then about five years ago, without knowing where he was, he made the newspaper.  He was living in Barre Vermont, not to far but to far to go visit him.  Like I mention before, my uncle had no means of financial support, he was homeless.  Our family wanted to take him in, but he never took our hand.  So he stayed at a facility called COTS which is a homeless shelter.  Of course one of the stipulations for living there is that you need to find a job.  My uncle didn't, instead he rang a bell for the Salivation Army around Christmas time.  Because he was not looking for work, COTS wanted him out.  Well this was a great story for some reporter and word got around quickly.  He just wanted to help those who were like him.

Today was a day to remember him for all of this and much more.  My Aunt Peggy (sister to my uncle), played the song, Go Rest High On That Mountain by Vince Gill.  As the music was playing my eyes filled with water.  I teared and felt something I never felt before at a Memorial Service.  It was pain, the pain of knowing I'll never see him again, and yet I was feeling the happy moments I remember of him.  The mixed emotions were very exhausting.  After the song was over, I wiped my eyes and and smiled.  I know he's in Heaven and looking down at us now.  

After the service there was food, and lots of it.  But, I was a good girl, I ate a lot of the fruit, a small portion of some Chicken Casserole and one brownie.  I came home and found myself very tired.  I hope tomorrow will go good and I get some rest tonight.

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  1. social events always where me out.

    I'm sorry for your loss. Your Uncle sounds like a truly interesting man! Just think- to have the freedom and courage to just pick up and go where ever you please!

    Sleep Well.