Saturday, January 1, 2011

Power of One Challenge - Week 1 Day 4

Today is day number four and I still haven't done any workouts.  Though I did participate in a snowball fight yesterday, and that was a workout!  Been so busy with the holidays and now I'm trying to get my house back in order, I feel that's going to take some time.

Got my shower in this morning and fixed my hair and make up.  Though I really need more variety for hair accessories.  So here is today's head shot.



  1. ug. I have not been working out either- between the Busyness of holidays and the rain... (I prefer riding my bike for my workout).

    I need to do something today I guess- exercise-wise.

    Happy New Year.
    Stopping By from Weekend Blog Hop!

  2. Hi There, just found you on a blog hop and am now following.

    Happy New Year to you and I hope you will drop by to say Hello.


  3. p.s. I, too, have 3 boys.

    isn't it the GREATEST!!

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