Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Power of One Challenge - Weekly Weigh In

 I can't believe another week has gone by.  I didn't do any workouts this week, but I joined Weight Watchers online and so far so good.  Doing what I'm suppose to be doing that is.  Recording all my food intake, which was one of my goals.  Wondering how I did...well let us see...

The good news is I lost, the bad news not as much as would have liked.  But, this is why I NEED to do my workouts.  Honestly, I really HATE doing my workouts.  I dread doing them, while I'm doing it, all I can think about is how much longer it'll be before I'm done.  Though after I'm done, I'm very happy and proud of myself.  

This week I lost 0.2 pounds.

Week 1:  211.6
Week 2:  208.8
Week 3:  210.6
Week 4:  210.4

Total Weight Loss:  1.2 Pounds


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Monday Project #2

The Monday Project

The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans had a little tough project for us to day this week.  I brainstormed, used diagrams, notes, calendars everything I can think of to figure out my small goals that'll help me achieve my big goals.  What was my big goal?  To lose 60 pounds by the end of this year!

So, here it goes...

First I have to make the commitment so this week I joined Weight Watchers Online.  Kind of playing around with it for the past two days but will be taking it more seriously by the next week.

I didn't have any day planners so I just printed out some free printable calendars online and started writing and planning.

Goal #1:  Finish writing my small goals for Monday Project #2  (finish by January 14, 2011)

Goal #2:  Start planing menus and write out a grocery list on by each Saturday for grocery shopping (1st one will need to be finished by January 15, 2011)

Goal #3:  Start a "My Weight Loss Journey" Scrapbook - This will be done every Sunday (start January 16, 2011)

Goal #4:  Write down EVERYTHING that goes in my mouth - This will be recorded on my Online Weight Watcher Points Tracker (starts January 16, 2011)

Goal #5:  For the remaining month of January, Workout at least 2 times per week & blog about it (starts the week of January 16, 2011)

Goal #6:  Weigh In!  No matter what the weight is, I will be weighing in on Wednesdays and share it with my blog friends (already started)

Goal #7:  For the month of January I will be drinking AT LEAST 16oz of water per day (starts January 14, 2011)

Goal #8:  Lose a total of 5 pounds by the end of January

Goal #9:  For the month of February, exercise at least 3 times per week (starts February 1, 2011)

Goal #10:  For the month of February drink at least 32oz of water per day (starts February 1, 2011)

Goal #11:  Lose a total of 10 pounds by the end of February

Goal #12:  For the month of March, exercise at least 4 times per week (starts March 1, 2011)

Goal #13:  For the month of March, drink at least 64oz of water per day (starts March 1, 2011)

Goal #14:  Lose a total of 15 pounds by the end of March

Goal #15:  For the month of April Exercise at least 5 times per week (starts April 1, 2011)

Goal #16:  Lose a total of 20 pounds by the end of April

Goal #17:  Lose a total of 25 pounds by the end of May

Goal #18:  Lose a total of 30 pounds by the end of June

Goal #19:  Lose a total of 35 pounds by the end of July

Goal #20:  Lose a total of 40 pounds by the end of August

Goal #21:  Lose a total of 45 pounds by the end of September

Goal #23:  Lose a total of 50 pounds by the end of October

Goal #24:  Lose a total of 55 pounds by the end of November

Goal #25:  Lose a total of 60 pounds by the end of December

Goal #26:  Finish my scrapbook!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Power of One Challenge - Weekly Weigh In

Here it is, the begining of Week 3, my start of the week weigh in.  No good, as I knew it was going to be.  But like I said earlier this week, I'm not going to be down about it.  I'm still proud of myself for working out yesterday and Monday.  Today is a rest day, so no workout (unless I feel the urge to...ha ha).  

I didn't take a picture of the scales, mainly because it is really hard to take a picture without the scale picking up my camera weight, and my camera weighs at least a pound, so I did the second best.  I used my graphic program to create the scale and my weight.  So here it is:

Yes, I gained.  I gained 1.8 pounds, BUT I'm still 1.0 pounds down from my first weigh in.  This week is a new week, so hopefully next weeks weigh in will be less!

Week 1:  211.6
Week 2:  208.8
Week 3:  210.6

Total Weight Loss:  1.0 Pound


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Power of One Challenge - Week 2 Day 14

Can you believe it, it's been 14 days since I started the Power of One Challenge.  Sadly I know my weigh in tomorrow is not going to be that great, I think I've gained.  But no worries.  I focusing on the now and I just got done another intense workout on my EA Sport Active.  I workout for 21 minutes & 28 seconds.  My calorie burn target was 141.8 calories but I ended up burning 155.1 calories, yay!  I also completed all 18 workouts.  I was so sore this morning and I wasn't sure that I could do today's workout, but "told" myself to "Do It!"  I tend to listen to myself better than to anyone else.

I've been brain storming on my Power Of One January Project #2, hope to have it finish by Friday.  Short post today, got some things to do.


Monday, January 10, 2011

My First Workout...How Did It Go?

OMG!  That's all I can say right now.  I just completed a intense workout.  Well, actually, it was an "easy" workout according to my EA Sports Active setting, but it was very intense for me.  I did 16 out of 16 workouts in 18 minutes and 49 seconds and burned 121.6 calories.  My target was 121 calories, so I hit right on!

But, oh my poor legs, they are so sore.  I love working out on the EA Sports Active, and I feel so proud after I get done.  When we first got our Wii, we bought the Wii Fit.  Sadly after 30 minutes of working out on that, I felt nothing and there was no sweat.  Some difference with the EA Sports Active, my body feels like it has been run over by a car and sweat is poring off of me.  I also have to grab a bottle of water because I'm so thirsty!

So I'm patting myself on my back and I'm not looking back at this weekend.  Going forward, that's all that matters.  There is a new minute every 60 seconds and that's what I'm going to concentrating on.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bad, Bad, BAD Weekend!

Excuse me as I take a moment to scream...


I feel a little better now.  I have been so bad this weekend.  After a great loss this week, I rewarded myself with food.  Now I feel so bloated, sad and disappointed in myself.  Why did I allow myself do this?  I know why, I felt good that I lost a few pounds, but am so scared to weigh in again, because I may gain an pound back.  So if I'm going to gain a pound, I'd mind as well enjoy the food that goes in me.  I am so scared of weigh in days.  I have it drilled in my head that I have to lose, and I'm so afraid of failing myself.  I've done it so many times before, that I throw in the towel and don't care anymore.  I've only gave it a week, only a week.  Come on Angie, get you $hi% together.  I won't be able to fulfill my goals if I don't get it together.  Why, do I do this to myself.  

I'm writing this at 9 o'clock at night.  Getting ready to head to bed, and know that tomorrow is a new day, and that I really need to love myself if I really want to change me.