Monday, January 3, 2011

Power of One Challenge - Week 1 Day 6

Ugh, I'm having a bad hair day today.  Even though I spent half an hour working on it, it just didn't want to cooperate today.  On well, I still did my make up and then I've been so busy today.  Spent the morning on the phone with my bestest friend, then with Brayden's teacher, then with another friend who was going to watch my boys tomorrow since I have to go to a Memorial Service for my Uncle.  But I had to change plans to have my bestest friend babysit them.  Ugh, it has been a whirlwind around here.  Then I had to bring Brayden to pre-school, go to the grocery store and buy a couple boxes of Pillsbury Brownie mix, made them for tomorrows ceremony, I'm not much of a cook.

Then my mom called and everyone is invited to go out to dinner tonight since the whole family is here, which doesn't happen to often.  So I'll be even more busy tonight.  So my day is just been going, going and going.  To bad I can' t lose weight this way, I would have lost at least 10 pounds to

Short post today, tomorrow wont' be much either since I'll be going, going and going tomorrow for the Memorial Ceremony.  (Hope my hair cooperates tomorrow).


  1. make up? hair?
    I really should pay more attention to that stuff.

    I hope your busy tomorrow goes smoothly for you!

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